I’m Ash.

November 18, 2020

Im a professional web developer; specialising in WordPress themes and plugins, and I’m currently working for Mixd as a senior member of the development team. I’ve been working in the industry for just over 6 years.

What can I do

I’ve been coding for about 6 years focusing primarily on WordPress theming and development, but never shying away from some proper PHP work in Laravel / Symfony. I’m a full-stack dev and also an infra/ops enthusiast.

Where it all started

I studied IT at the University of Huddersfield for 2 years where I found my passion for web programming. Towards the end of the course, I decided to pursue my career by applying for a junior role at a local web design studio.

This was my springboard into the industry and helped me to network with other professionals.

I attended a SummitAwesome hackathon during my first year of employment, it was a very intimidating idea to me at the time yet once I was there I got chatting to numerous individuals who, not so long ago, were in the same position I was. These people happily shared with me some great learning resources as well as gave me an invitation to a Slack community which involved over 150 other professionals. It was like having my own little Wikipedia. I always had questions, especially when starting out. Knowing that I had people around me to bounce off really grew my confidence and after 2 years of employment, I got in touch with Jason who suggested, if I wanted a challenge, to apply to work at Mixd.


I’ve been working for Mixd for over 4 years and I feel that I’ve now established myself in the community and I adore passing on advice that I’ve picked up from the industry to students on the Work in the Web programme as well as those on placement with us currently.

The best advice I can give to someone who is trying to make themselves heard in such a fast-moving environment is to reach out to individuals and make connections, whether it’s at conferences, local meetups or hackathons you will always find someone to relate to.